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Helping Your Employees During COVID-19

by Alex Gurevich on December 10, 2020

Even though we’ve been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for nearly a year now, there’s still much we don’t know about this novel illness. As such, many workers are still concerned about performing their jobs efficiently while dealing with the stress that the pandemic is causing all of us. There are many ways that employers can help their workers continue to get the job done while still staying aware of these strange times that we’re living in. In addition to the changes you’ve likely already made, keep these tips in mind as well.


Adapt, Adapt, Adapt

Many businesses have already had to adapt immensely as a result of COVID-19. Maybe you’ve had to adjust your business’s hours or move to working from home. Some areas have relaxed their guidelines and restrictions, but you should continue to be flexible as we fight the pandemic.


For instance, perhaps one of your employees is a parent. Their child’s school might have reopened in the fall but is now transitioning to virtual learning from home as the pandemic spikes. Try to adapt as much as possible in these situations, whether that means allowing your employee to work from home (or go back to working from home) or adjust their schedule to allow more time to care for their children. Small adjustments like this can go a long way for the health and stress levels of your employees, and it shows your workers that you care.


Hear Their Concerns

On that same note, listen to your workers’ concerns. Make the extra step to ask how they’re doing. Some workers may have adjusted to this “new normal” and are satisfied with the way things are going, while other employees may have some renewed concerns, especially as case numbers rise throughout the holiday season. Simply taking the time to hear what they have to say can provide some stress relief. This is where you can go back to the first tip and see if there are any adjustments you can make to help address your employees’ worries.


Provide Ample PPE

One tip that’s a bit more concrete is to make sure you’re providing your employees with ample personal protective equipment, or PPE. Even if your area doesn’t have a mask mandate in place, it’s in everyone’s best interest to wear masks at all times when working with others and socially distance as much as possible. Be sure that your business always has plenty of hand sanitizer, face masks, and gloves on hand, as well as thermometers for temperature checks before your employees’ shifts.


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