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Improving Indoor Air Quality 2021-22

by Mike Rosso on November 17, 2021
The term "indoor air quality" alludes to the air quality in a house, school, workplace, or other building setting.
And as Indoor air quality (IAQ) is gaining center stage for building owners and facilities managers as they prepare for safe workplace reopening in 2021, it needs to be given a thought as airborne disease transmission can be reduced with IAQ technologies.


IAQ is calculated by monitoring factors like CO2, nanoparticles, total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (which contain viruses), and relative humidity. IAQ systems provide data on IAQ ratings, IAQ debugging, and enhancement possibilities in existing properties and throughout.
Further, even after vaccination implementation, indoor air quality is critical in the ultimate normal for buildings. Vaccines are beneficial against clinical instances, but their efficiency against transmission of the disease, as well as their long-term usefulness against COVID-19, remains uncertain. The danger of further dissemination or the need for additional vaccines exists, and avoiding diseases through poor IAQ will most certainly remain a significant problem in organizations.
Also, major appliance providers are expanding their IAQ solutions PureMax, has an innovative design that captures and exposes air pollutants to UVC radiation. The vertical container design reduces airflow speed while increasing decontamination duration, making sterilization three times more efficacious. Third-party testing has shown that PureMax air purifiers are excellent in removing pathogenic microbes.
For decades, HEPA and UV light technology have been a recognized solution for air filtration in settings ranging from institutions to airports. Recent UVC fabrication improvements have allowed high-quality UVC bulbs to enter the commercial market. The 7-level air purification system of the PureMax 550 rethinks the principles by concentrating on maximal UVC exposure duration rather than merely collecting pollutants and maximizing air volume.


  • PureMax UVC air purifiers can DISINFECT and INACTIVATE the broadest range of pollutants, including viruses and chemicals.
  • UVC from PureMax has a 99.9% sanitizing rate against bacterial viruses.
  • All types of air pollutants, including mold, bacteria, and viruses, are captured by the HEPA filter in the PureMax.
  • One PureMax 550 can purify and disinfect the air in a 1200-1300 square feet room up to two times in an hour.
  • PureMax is a low-maintenance device .(we should mention specific time frame)

Product Specifications


Product Specifications

Brand PureMax
Model 550
Filtration / Purification System Purification on 7 levels: UVC/ primary filter/ HEPA/ activated carbon/3-layer filter
Recommend Area 1200-1300 sq ft, 2 air exchanges per hour
Noise 35-65 dB

Technical Specifications

Air bacterial sanitization rate 99.9%(Staphylococcus albus)@20 cu meter
Air virus sanitizer rate >99.9%(H1N1)@1060 cu ft
  • As PureMax requires only periodic maintenance, it does not require frequent cleaning of its internal filters.

How Can IAQ Be Enhanced?


Improved Ventilation

A further method for reducing the proportions of poor indoor air quality in your house is to generate a large amount of outside air that enters your home.
Conventional residential air conditioning units, including forced air heating systems, do not automatically deliver fresh air into the residence. Unveiling shutters, operating screens, or crawl space fans all increase the rate of recreational air circulation.
It's indeed crucial to consider most of these precautions as conceivable while engaged in short-term activities that can produce different concentrations of pollutants. These include factors such as painting, paint stripping, heating with kerosene heaters, cooking, or engaging in maintenance and hobby activities like soldering, adhesive bonding, or sandblasting. One could always choose to undertake most of these things outside if you have the opportunity and the climate enables it.
Besides, indoor temperatures may be controlled through ventilation and shade. Ventilation also aids in the removal or diluting of indoor airborne contaminants from indoor sources. This lowers the number of pollutants and enhances the quality of indoor air (IAQ).

Air Cleaners

There are several other types and sizes of air cleaners on the marketplace, ranging from low-cost table-top versions to complex and costly whole-house systems. Certain air cleaners are pretty successful at removing turbidity, while others, like the majority of table-top devices, are far less effective.
However, an environmental cleaner's efficacy is determined by how successfully it captures contaminants from indoor air and how much air it pulls through the purifying or filtration component.
 Moreover, the strength of the pollution source is another crucial aspect in influencing the performance of an air cleaner. Kitchen counter-air purifiers, in particular, may not be possible to eliminate sufficient contaminants from powerful surrounding emitters. People sensitive to specific sources may discover that air purifiers are only helpful with deliberate attempts to eliminate the source.
Hence, newly built models have also shown potential in terms of spreading IAQ initiatives in healthy buildings. PureMax has launched indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions that blend energy efficiency into complete restorative building services. PureMax analyses a wide range of IAQ metrics and creates tailored solutions that are paid for with savings from an organization's operating and energy costs. This innovative air quality as a service model involves little startup investment and may provide quick ROI, resulting in a deal scenario for all participants. Property managers benefit from enhanced IAQ and cost savings, tenants benefit from increased tranquility and lower disease rates, and management teams benefit from a platform for managing and maintaining air quality throughout the facility's lifecycle.
Isn't it a happy ending for everyone? What do you think?