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The Most Effective Disinfection Cabinets Available

by Alex Gurevich on January 15, 2021

In the days of COVID-19, it’s now more important than ever before to keep our kids safe and healthy in schools. We all know that devices like tablets and laptops carry an insane number of germs, but unfortunately, it can be pretty hard to get these electronics clean and, most importantly, keep them clean. One of the best ways to invest in the health of our students and staff is by using disinfection cabinets in the classroom. Luckily, Cetrix has the most affordable and effective sanitization cabinets on the market. Let’s learn more.


Two Solutions in One

There are many companies out there that already produce disinfection cabinets for electronics. On the same note, several companies offer charging cabinets to ensure that all your classrooms’ devices are charged for students to use each day. However, not many cabinets offer a double solution. Cetrix, though, has combined these two useful machines to create the ultimate cabinet for your classroom.

Each of our disinfection cabinets is able to hold an entire classroom’s worth of devices and ensure they’re properly cleaned thanks to safe and effective UVC light. The light is not harmful and leaves devices safe for even the youngest kids, yet it’s still able to kill disease-carrying germs that are typically only killed with potentially dangerous chemicals. At the same time, our cabinets have convenient charging ports, so all your students have to do is plug in their device at the end of the day, and they’ll return the next morning to a fully charged laptop or tablet.


Multiple Models 

We understand that each classroom is unique, so we’ve created multiple models of our disinfection charging cabinets to suit your needs. When you’re browsing our website, you’ll notice both black cabinets and white cabinets.

The black cabinets are our BP models. These sanitization cabinets are intended for laptops and Chromebooks, as they have wide slots to fit bigger devices. Our BP cabinets are equipped with AC outlets on the back, allowing you to easily connect the power adaptors to keep all your devices charged. Alternatively, the white cabinets on our website are the BU models. These are designed for smaller electronics like smartphones and tablets. You can also charge your devices in our BU cabinets thanks to the convenient USB interface on the front.


Get Yours Today

Cetrix is dedicated not only to providing the most effective disinfection cabinets on the market but also the most affordable. We manufacture all of our own cabinets, cutting out any middlemen and passing the savings on to our customers. As with all of our other personal protective equipment (PPE), we work to keep prices low through measures like bulk order discounts (perfect for administrations making orders for a whole school district!).

If you’re looking to get your sanitization charging cabinet along with other PPE items such as hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and the like, Cetrix is the ultimate one-stop shop. Reach out to us today or simply browse our product listing to start your order!