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The Recent Wave of the Delta Variant (B.1.617.2), a new pandemic

by Mike Rosso on August 05, 2021

The world is witnessing a new genetic variant of the corona virus known as Delta, or B.1.617.2 which has been confirmed by CDC to infect both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals but more severe in unvaccinated individuals. It was a very big shock to the world when this new Variant of COVID-19 was first discovered last year December in India, it was later discovered March this year in US which studies have shown that this virus is more dangerous than the initial strain of the Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 due to its ability to spread faster, infect vaccinated people and contains higher load of viral particles in infected patients. There is 1,000 times higher viral load in Delta infections than infections caused by other variants reports a Chinese study, The World Health Organization (WHO) has described Delta as the “fastest and fittest” variant to ever evolve since the breakout of the corona virus.

Prevention and Control of the Spread of the Delta Variant Corona virus

The Delta genetic variant of the corona virus which has since spread to more than 98 countries and now a predominant variant and a major concern all over the world has posed serious threat to life and the spread continues to be on the increase as there is no strong vaccine yet to halt the spread or provide a relief from fear of contracting the disease by those that have been vaccinated. However, there is no risk of severe illness and death in those that have been vaccinated as compared to those that have not received the vaccine, but the chances of contracting the virus and transmitting it remains susceptible in both parties by studies carried out by CDC. The methods of preventing and controlling the spread of this virus as stipulated by the CDC remains the same but the most effective means of curtailing the spread of the virus is wearing medical face mask. California has continued to require the use of masks for students indoor, on Friday, the state health department announced it would keep the mask requirements in place because of the inability of many school levels to accommodate appropriate social distancing among students. After the CDC made the announcement on May 13 that those who were fully vaccinated are free to go into some public places without a face mask, it walked back on that recommendation on July 27 after published report evaluated the risk of Delta variant outbreak of the Corona virus in Massachusetts. The agency officially recommended that fully vaccinated individuals living within communities of substantial-to-high transmission rates should wear face mask in public and indoor places.


How effective is face mask against the Delta variant of the Corona virus? 

It is now scientifically proven and widely accepted globally that vaccines do not halt the transmission of the delta variant of corona virus or provide immunity against it as it did in regard to other variants of the Corona virus. A face mask, when worn properly, covering the mouth and nose, can protect against contracting and spreading the Delta variant by blocking respiratory droplets and particles by the wearer, medical face mask is strongly advised because it offers breathing space and effectively guards against droplets. It is used once, and should be disposed properly in the trash after each use.